Christina Aguilera Named Playboy’s Babe Of The Month

While may have the cover of April’s Playboy magazine, her younger pop competition was named the magazine’s ‘Babe of the Month’. Playboy said, “It’s make-or-break time for pop queen Christina Aguilera. The 21-year-old Pittsburgh native has a debut album that sold more than 8 million copies, a 1999 Grammy and a successful Spanish-Language album. But what this girl really wants and needs is a little respect. Working on a more adult sound, Christina aims to end all comparisons with fellow Mouseketeer Britney Spears. She has the lungs and the desire. Last year, Christina dressed up like a hooker and shook her can-can alongside Lil’ Kim, Pink, and Mya in a spirited remake of Lady Marmalade. It became MTV’s Video of the Year. Meanwhile, Britney performed at the MTV awards fondling a snake. We like this sort of competition, and we enjoy the not-so-subliminal message. It’s even enough to make us listen to the music every now and then.”

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