Christina Aguilera No Longer Concealing Boob Job

The National Enquirer reports Christina Aguilera’s busty outfit at the Grammy Awards last month was her first move to show off the breast enlargement surgery she underwent two years ago. A friend of Christina’s told the tabloid, “Christina is no longer concealing the big-girl boobs she got from a plastic surgeon. At first she was hesitant to show off her new figure. But she feels she’s definitely not a kid anymore. She’s going for a more mature look–and definitely giving her fans an eyeful. Her sultry ‘Marilyn’ hairstyle and dazzling diamond choker only add more to Christina’s fire!”

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One thought on “Christina Aguilera No Longer Concealing Boob Job

  1. viv says:

    i like the big girl boobs.. they even got bigger after the baby

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