Christina Aguilera Says Eminem’s Diss Was Cliche

Alyssa Vitrano of caught up with and asked the singer to clear up the whole feud with Eminem. “The reason why he got so mad, and why he retaliated so harsh at me, was partly because he was trying to separate himself from whole pop MTV thing and he saw me on this MTV show choosing my 10 top videos,” Slim said. “I guess he got really angry because I chose ‘Stan’ as one of my favorite videos – I thought [Eminem] was a really cool rapper – but [then I realized] that song was about killing his wife. I heard that and was just like, that’s not cool. It’s a personal issue. Watching what my mom had to go through, I don’t take that stuff lightly. [Christina grew up with a father who was violent toward her mother.] I wasn’t dissing him, but I said my piece – I told girls out there not to put up with a guy’s sh**. I guess he heard that, because I heard him talk about it when he dissed me in an interview. How cliche is that? Like you get mad at a girl for speaking her mind – it’s so high school.”

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