Christina Aguilera Says Kelly Osbourne Is Talking Out Her Ass

continued the snit with in the new edition of Q magazine. “She must have a crush on me because every five minutes she’s saying something about me,” she says. “I did see her at a club and said, ‘Look, what is your problem?’ And she had nothing to say. If you’re going to talk sh** about me, do it to my face, because if you don’t back it up you’re just talking out of your ass.”

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5 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Says Kelly Osbourne Is Talking Out Her Ass

  1. Samantha says:

    Kelly has a lot of good points about Christina lmao. At least Kelly doesn’t have to dress like a skank to sell albums…Also if you didn’t have a problem with her before than why instigate and create more crap for yourself? FYI stop copying Lady Gaga it’s just plain annoying…

  2. jojo1121 says:

    yea you are right Kelly Osbourne has sold so many more albums than Christina Aguilera. Nobody would even know who she was if her Dad wasn’t Ozzy. You are so stupid Lady GaGa and Christina have completely different styles and I think you are just copying what everyone else is saying at the moment. Also FYI you have inappropriate use of FYI are you 10?

  3. shonaloves xtina says:

    i love Christina she is the best I buy all her albums I think she is definitely 1 of the best artists in the world and who ever talks sh** about her is jealous so shut your mouth because Christina is such a good singer and I love her music and her style so you are all just jealous LOVE YOU XTINA

  4. Em says:

    What the FU is Lady Gaga doing here?
    We all know that Lady Gaga Copies Christina (Beside Madonna)

    And, don’t know what to add,
    Christina is a Bitch ( Personal) but I love her
    And I love Kelly too

  5. blaize says:

    @Samantha: It’s not that Christina Aguilera ‘has to dress like a skank to sell records’. She has always been vocal about her beliefs that over sexuality should not be too taboo for the media and she doesn’t follow society’s traditional views about modesty. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s ironic that you criticize Christina Aguilera for being revealing but then defend Lady Gaga. Hello, Lady Gaga is just as revealing as Christina Aguilera, and Kelly Osbourne is just bitter. She’s the one who started the whole feud.

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