Christina Aguilera Seems Very Bitter

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I am going to first off say that all female pop stars who have been around for some time now “Beyonce Knowles, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Pink” are very talented. All have amazing voices (well Britney is a good performer and ground breaking artist so I guess that makes up for vocals) They have all had numerous hits, all have won Grammys (again except for Britney) all have been around for year and I am sure years to come. But the thing it, I have noticed that a lot of female pop stars don’t like Christina. Their is obviously Britney who was shocked about what Christina said about her in Blender magazine and came back with a retaliation of her own…followed by Christina trying to apologize in a letter to Britney only to have her not reply. has said on access Hollywood “There is no feud between me and Christina, I never liked her but there is no feud.”

We all know Beyonce doesn’t like Christina at all personally, although she had never said it, it’s quite apparent. All due Christina running her mouth to the media about all of them. None of them have ever talked trash like Christina has, and it is no wonder why they don’t like her. I have heard so many celebrities say how “diva” Christina acted around everyone. SO many people have said it, fans, celebrities, and magazines who interviewed her stating she seemed very “irritated and moody” during her interviewing process.

I don’t know what could be bothering Christina so much to make her so bitter towards everyone in her field of competition. She went so far as to diss MADONNA an ICON by saying in blender “she is a performer, I am an artist”…although I think that is laughable, that’s what she said.

Even Kelly Osbourne…I hate her as a matter of fact. At first I thought she was just running her mouth but then I realized when she explained WHY she hated Christina, that she had a valid reason. She claimed that backstage Christina was screaming at some guy who worked for her like a as she said “diva b*tch”. Their would be no reason for her to have made that up. Especially since she certainly wasn’t the first person to say that. Not to mention Kelly has no problem with Avril, Beyonce, Britney pink or anybody else but her.

Just as all the pop stars don’t have a problem with anybody else but Christina. This has definitely turned a lot of people against her. It is so sad to see what happens when fame takes you over. I even notice during interviews and television appearances…she doesn’t seem real. She barely ever smiles; she is always so serious and very distant. I think these things Christina has done have very much affected her career in a bad way. I am glad that publicity stunt she pulled in blender is over. I just hope she can be a classy lady who doesn’t bash people for no good reason but media coverage.

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3 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Seems Very Bitter

  1. lol says:

    So if you speak your mind and don’t censor yourself, that makes you a bitch? I guess we should all tape our mouths shut now. Stop trying to censor others and trying to turn society into a bunch of mindless puppet clones. Read Fahrenheit 451 about the effects of censorship. Freedom of expression is freedom to offend.

  2. ali says:

    I did not appreciate the way Christina was quoted in a magazine article dissing Beyonce when Christina was quoted as saying about Beyonce: “Why are you trying to act all virginal?”. My response would have been: “Because she is not a homosexual/bisexual attention-seeking fame whore like you who will do anything risque for an encore. Christina, get back to the music. Stop disrobing and engaging in same-sex kissing and maybe there won’t be anymore dissing. Real artists sing and don’t have to get sexually explicit. You have a child now so represent righteous because he is watching, learning and will hear about it from his peers and his peers parents.

  3. Peapoh says:

    “Lol”, freedom of speech is not freedom from taking responsibility for shooting your mouth off.

    Nice straw man, though.

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