Christina Aguilera Settles For Britney Spears’ Sloppy Seconds

A source within Britney Spears’ camp is telling the New York Post that rival has been settling for jobs Spears has turned down. “Christina just does all of Britney’s sloppy seconds,” quipped the source. “Britney turned down Donatella [Versace]… because she didn’t want to be associated with just one brand. Next thing you know, Christina is the face of Versace. Then Britney and Skechers part ways and Christina is signed by them. Everything she does is something Britney has passed on.”

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10 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Settles For Britney Spears’ Sloppy Seconds

  1. hellahooked says:

    So true. Christina has always gotten Britney’s sloppy seconds from the beginning. She is just a shadow who is just not interesting.

  2. sexyxtina25 says:

    get over it jealous whores y’all just mad because Christina is more talented and she’s doing her thing Versace didn’t want Britney ass as the face for it’s fall collection they wanted Christina so get over it and stop whining it makes y’all haters look like straight up pathetic idiots. Christina rocks baby in these haters are just mad.

    as you can see this is a bimbo Britney fan that’s whining about Christina get over it jealous whores they wanted Christina in not Britney if I was Christina in versace wanted me I would not give a damn I would not turn that down in plus bimbo Britney was never the face for verscace she only went to one of her shows and then skechers got rid of Britney ass in then sued her so I guess they wanted Christina too face it everybody was just dropping Britney ass from everything in y’all haters can’t deal with it.lmao Christina always.

  3. jimmypee says:

    LMAO! Britney’s people seem to be getting desperate. and Britney turned down Versace because she didn’t want to be associated with one brand? LMFAO!!!! more like Versace turned her down and went for Christina instead. as if Britney would ever turn down a chance to attach her name onto something, especially something like Versace. oh these crazy girls are hilarious! who was it going for FRED DURST this year? oh yeah. Britney. lol.

  4. GoingUnderr says:

    Christina always has been getting peeps sloppy seconds. She is like a used condom. She got Jennifer Lopez sloppy seconds by being a fat prop for VMAS and such. Tina has no respect and peeps have no respect fo her either. We don’t appreciate whores!

  5. rachel says:

    It will be more credible if it wasn’t coming from somebody in Slutney’s camp. LMAO, I guess someone is being jealous again, after settling with sloppy seconds of Fred Durst, pushing envelopes LMAO so true. The only reason why Slutney did the NFL thing was because she was jealous Tina had a gigantic deal with the NBA. This was probably said by Slutney herself and her no good family, she just jealous that Christina manages to outdo her and kick her ass everytime since the Mickey Mouse Club.

  6. louee says:

    I think this is pretty obvious to anybody that keeps up with either of their careers. It looks like Christina is always trying to gobble up opportunities that Britney’s ignored. Hell, I bet Coca Cola even asked Britney to promote then first. Just kidding. But that dog puppet that’s always at the VMAs said something funny. He was like “Hey, Christina come talk to me. Britney talked to me. Come on, you know you can’t resist doing something that Britney’s already done!” Ouch!

  7. Tig says:

    Britney is doing a good job… staying out of the public eye… she’s done guest appearances but all in all she’s been on break for a while now… Britney’s image has changed…she seems maturer and still definitely sexy. hopefully her music and movie scripts will improve, that is if she wants to keep up with the competition.

  8. grprincess says:

    Xtina has made a career of following Britney and getting sloppy seconds: Britney dates Justin, Christina does a tour with him Britney endorses Pepsi, Christina endorses Coke Britney endorsed Sketchers, so does Christina Britney hangs out with Versace so does Christina Britney does a movie, Christina is trying to get one too Britney sexes up her image(ie 2000 MTV awards, “slave for u”) Christina turns Dirrty Britney kisses Madonna, so does Christina Face it Christina is just trying to live up to Britney’s shadow. She will always get her sloppy seconds like she did with Madonna. Poor pathetic Xtina.

  9. sexyxtina25 says:

    no my girl Christina don’t do sloppy seconds she just get offered the deals and then do them better so get over it all Britney does is get sued or dropped from everything she endorse so don’t get mad because bimbo Britney is old news in don’t nobody want her lip-singing sorry ass no more.lmao Christina rocks you just mad.

  10. perfectly-imperfect says:

    lmfao, so true, and yet how sad. Christina’s career has dwindled down to making cheesy Target commercials and selling Sketchers ‘shoes’, which, just like her, have long been forgotten…Even with the Madonna kiss, Christina got Britney’s sloppy seconds. I now see why Christina and her fans are always so bitter. Pathetic.

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