Christina Aguilera Should Keep On Singing Her Song

Contributed anonymously:

I know many people don’t like essays, but I happen to think they are interesting. People who write these essays are not trying to change your idol, they just want you to stop bashing their idol.

I am a Christina Fan, and I dislike how everytime I come and read articles and comments I have to hear my favorite artist being insulted.

I just want people who insult Christina to know the real Christina.

1)She is half Equadorian and half Irish, she has always admitted this and is proud of her latin/Irish roots.

2)I am a Latina, I happen to have loved her Spanish album and I do not believe she is a sell out. She introduced me to music I would have never heard otherwise.

3) Christina is not a slut. She has only had 3 serious boyfriends. You dont know her so how do you know she is promiscuous?

4)Christina’s fashion is not bad, why would Donatella hire her if she did not have a fashion sense. Her clothes express how she feels, sexy and proud of her body.

5) The Coca Cola deal was for Latin America, therefore only one commercial was seen in the U.S.

6)Many people have piercings, why can’t Christina have some.

7)Christina wrote or co-wrote most of the songs in Stripped.

8)Christina is a 3 time grammy winner, 1 time Latin grammy winner

9) Stripped is a success considering it is not traditional pop. 8+ million is very good.

10) Her charity work is not for promotion, she is giving back to a cause that she believes in, whats wrong with that?

11)Christina is not a bi***, she is just misunderstood. She is a shy girl mistaken for a stuck up girl.

“I see every blessing so clearly, and I thank God for what I got from above”

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