Christina Aguilera Should Never Act

I am sorry, is a good singer but she should NEVER step into the movie business. Just because you can sing okay, doesn’t make you a good actor. I recently saw her on SNL (Saturday Night Live) and she wasn’t funny the ENTIRE show. I didn’t laugh once. The ONLY characters she ever played were in one way or another, a ‘sexual’ character. In every single scene. On the game show she played a ‘whore’ from Beverly Hills… in the drugstore scene she was selling sex products to customers… in the scene that took place in the olden days she played the town tramp type of role. The Sex And The City scene …well enough said about that.

She can’t even be diverse. All her roles in every skit were related to sex in one way or another. It shows how undiverse she is. She can only play roles that are characters like her. And she was cheesy as hell. Those MMC lessons did no good. The re runs are airing soon and I am just going to laugh my butt off. Unfortunately not because she is funny. I am going to be laughing at her bad acting.

Then she prides herself on how she was good at acting on SNL, saying her Samantha character from Sex And The City was ‘dead on’…when it was so lame. All she did was make her voice sound like a mans, that’s real hard to do. She is HORRIBLE at acting, and at trying to be funny on top of that.

She has no sense of humor in real life, all she can do is be serious and a diva b*tch. So it really shows in her lack of comedic ability.

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