Christina Aguilera Songs Banned From ‘Idol’ Tryouts

Christina Aguilera’s mother Shelly Kearns responded to news that ‘American Idol’ is banning auditioners from performing her daughters songs. “You guys, don’t even give this one a second thought,” Shelly reassured. “Usually when this happens, it’s actually a huge compliment! There’s got to be a lot of people out there doing those songs for it to be a problem. Also, (and I’m just guessing here), after the producer went behind Christina’s back and gave the song she wrote to Kelly Clarkson, I’d imagine folks might shy away from her songs because they might be afraid the same thing would happen over again. Simply easier to avoid all the way around. Plus, shows like this–or any situation where you hear tons of people trying out for parts–often restrict the super overly chosen songs because it gets really hard for the people doing the auditioning.”

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11 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Songs Banned From ‘Idol’ Tryouts

  1. HoneyRain says:

    I am so glad that they’ve done this.. I am so tired of hearing people (who don’t have NEAR as strong a voice as Christina) butchering her songs.

  2. JuSt1nKrEd1bLe says:

    Wow that’s interesting….why are her songs being banned anyway? So why did they give Kelly Clarkson a song she wrote? And why is Julia DeMato singing “Beautiful” on the American Idols 2 Tour? Oh well…i agree they do butcher her songs. They need to ban the entire Stevie Wonder catalog too cause that sh** gets played out with the quickness.

  3. cwaaft says:

    Shelly Kearns has to be the scariest popstar mom on the planet. She stayed in an abusive relationship long enough to scar her daughter for life. She feels she has to answer every rumor or criticism about Xtina. She then lies when addressing the rumors. She is the perfect enabler and desperately needs some psychological help. I hope RCA, Kelly Clarkson & Rhett Lawrence sue Shelly. Kelly’s version of Miss Independent has to be better then her screeching slutty daughter could have done.

  4. Britney_rocks says:

    hahah that was funny I do agree!

  5. FaustoAguilera says:

    “after the producer went behind Christina’s back and gave the song she wrote to Kelly Clarkson” Um Ok you fat whore, It wasn’t Kelly’s fault that she did one of your sl** daughter’s songs. Kelly even admitted that she didn’t even know Slutina wrote it until much later. Sorry but it was obvious Slutina didn’t want the song or she would have put it on her album so shut your mouth cow. Oh wow now that Kelly made it a hit, NOW you want it. Stupid whore…Slutina wouldn’t have made it a hit and that’s a fact!

  6. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Wow, are her songs really that lackluster? ;) But they most likely don’t want people embarrassing themselves trying to keep up with Christina’s voice.

  7. FireorIce says:

    First of all were you there in Christina parents home judgement? Stop talking out of you A$$, you never been in her situation so stop judging her. As for suing that can’t do sh** to her because it’s her song, in fact Christina could have sue them, but choose not to. Instead she is collecting royalties from the song.

  8. ballersfantasy says:

    Well I also read on a Mariah Carey website that some of her songs are banned too. On a local radio station they were talking about how the contestants can only choose from 700 songs on a list to sing anyways.

  9. MusicFreak8181 says:

    I think its a good idea if they do that, its horrible how people try and sing Christina songs like Reflection where she can pull off singing the high notes, but they just sound horrible.

  10. luluvon_2000 says:

    Please point out in that letter where Shelly said that it was Kelly’s fault??? She said “Producer” not Kelly…X-tina knows it wasn’t Kelly’s fault, she even said that she doesn’t blame Kelly, just the people who went behind her back without her knowing what was going on… She even said it was a good choice for Kelly because it fit her voice well… And Christina wasn’t DONE with the song-it didn’t met the deadline for “Stripped”, but she was thinking about saving it for a future album, but she didn’t have a chance to decide if she was going to do that because the producers stole it. And whether or not she decided to put it on her album was HER decision because it was her song and she could have done whatever the hell she wanted with it…And for the record, I heard about this WAY before Kelly’s song became a hit,(even before her album hit stores) so that theory is out the door… And Christina has every single right to be upset about that-it got freaking stolen from her, that was dead wrong-there’s no way around that! And what are you talking about she wouldn’t have made it a hit? Am I under a rock, or did Beautiful not make it to #1 on multiple formats and #2 on BB100 charts? That song peaked higher than Miss Independent. Not to mention that all of her singles released so far have made it to #1 on the world charts. So she obviously can make hit songs on her own, and that’s a fact. And her current single is at #12-Wow, what a freaking flop! Its amusing how people can talk so much fluff and start insulting people when they don’t even know the real facts…A shame really… Holla!

    I’m guessing they gave Kelly that song because they saw that it wouldn’t make X-tina’s album deadline, and it did fit Kelly’s voice also, so hey, what they heck, why not steal it, right? I think that was wrong and Christina has every right to be upset about it; but I’m glad she’s doesn’t blame Kelly and is taking it so well; other artists would have probably sued those producers… Holla!

    Shelly and Christina should have sued those producers for stealing that song! And why are you even passing judgment on Shelly’s abusive relationship? Don’t act like its something new that happens; stuff like that happens all the time and its sometimes hard to get out of those types of relationships…who knows, maybe he was their only means of support at that time or whatever… And from what I’ve seen, she got out of that relationship when Christina was really young-like 5 or 6 or something…And really, is there really a need to call people out of their names? Especially since its clear you don’t even know that much about their situations… BTW-some people heard X-tina’s version of the song on the net (the demo) and said it was really good and they wish she would have done it herself…oh well, Kelly did a good job on it still. Holla!

  11. rome says:

    Bullsh**, Christina didn’t write the ENTIRE song, or else she could SUE. She just re-wrote (after the song was completed) 2 or 3 chorus lines. This was on when Miss Independent came out. BTW, the article was NOT against Christina. They were saying she had a small hand in Kelly’s new hit. ^ keyword: SMALL! hand in it.

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