Christina Aguilera Talks About Her Kind Of Guy

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According to WENN, has always kept her lovelife private and will certainly keep her latest man behind closed doors. Christina says, “My relationship is something I won’t talk about. It’s an aspect of my life I’ve learned that the press takes and runs with.” Christina declined to confirm or deny reports she is dating Jordan Bratman, 25, who works in her management company. “The only thing I will say is that I’m very happy right now. I don’t care about the six-pack. I don’t care about a chiseled body. I like being able to have a damn good conversation. I’m into mind stimulation. I can stimulate myself in other ways…I just haven’t met too many Hollywood pretty boys that I’ve been intellectually impressed with, or just impressed with, period. I find them to be very immature, too, very stuck on themselves. I like a down-to-earth guy. That’s why I usually go for a non-celebrity.”

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