Christina Aguilera Talks About Kelly Osbourne And Eminem

Contributed by britneyslave:

was interviewed by Top of the Pops magazine and said some stuff about Eminem and Kelly Osbourne. Christina on Kelly Osbourne: “Kelly Osbourne’s obviously a young, angry little teenager who’s still struggling to find herself and find her voice. You have to laugh it off, and hope she finds some positivity in her life ‘cos she’s just putting so much bad karma against herself.” And on Eminem, Aguilera said, “The Eminem thing, it’s water under the bridge now. I confronted him personally and he was so cool. He was like, ‘No hard feelings, that’s old beef, it’s done with!’ When someone is disrespecting me in their songs and calling me a bitch or whatever, I will speak up ‘cos no one should de disrespected for speakin’ their mind.”

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