Christina Aguilera Vs. Britney Spears: Enough Is Enough

First off, I would like to say that I love and Britney Spears. Still, this whole Brit vs. Christina thing is getting to be too much. Everyday that I come on this website I see another story about X-tina’s boobs or hear someone calling Brit “flopney.” I am going to tell it like it is… Brit can entertain and X-tina can sing. It is proven even by X-tina and Brit themselves because they will tell you this.

Britney is an amazing entertainer, she can dance with the best of ’em (like or Paula Abdul), but Christina also has a talent, her powerhouse voice (like that of and a little below Mariah Carey). So, whether you will admit to it or not, this is the truth. Whether or not X-tina and Brit have fake boobs, or tans, or even hair, frankly, that’s none of our concern. Whatever they want to do to their bodies is up to them, and making fun of them is just a really stupid and weird thing to do. Of course, you can have your opinion, but just don’t lie about the facts.

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