Christina Aguilera Vs Britney Spears

Contributed anonymously:

I love Christina Aguilera, always have and always will. She’ x 10,000 more talented than Britney Spears. Honestly, Britney’s retarded. She continuously does dumb stuff that she KNOWS that’ll get attention all while saying [Wah, wah, wah nobody wants to leave me alone! Just leave me alone!].

Britney is so irresponsible and childish, she’s crashing and burning right now and it’s just hilarious. Especially the tabloids picturing her with Zit cream and a bit of her own flab poking out of her “MILF In Training” Shirts. I’ve never seen anything more nasty.

On top of all of that, she can’t sing worth a lick. [Everytime live] has to be the most painful “performance” I have had to endure. And her dancing, totally robotic

All while vying for respect.

But, Christina stays away from the tabloids. She keeps her mess to herself. She’s always/mostly decent when she’s out in public and she’s very intelligent (well, in interviews, at least :cool ) . She is very pretty and she changes her styles to keep the fans and the media coming back for more (pretty naive teenager to raw, sexual woman to 20s-30s bombshell). She has the staying power of a in training (let’s just hope it doesn’t end up in drugs :eviltongu ) and she’s getting the status of a diva. I don’t see anyone referring to BS as a divette (or a mini-me, as stated by the lovely Mariah Carey).

Who wins?

That’s my stand on this.

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One thought on “Christina Aguilera Vs Britney Spears

  1. lucian says:

    i honestly prefer Britney.
    i dunno about you but I find Aguilera boring. and I saw bad pictures with her too. I don’t think she so cool as you say…

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