Christina Aguilera Wearing Wigs To Combat Hair Loss

According the Daily Star, has called in a wig-maker to help cover up the bald spots on her head which reportedly occurred because of her repeated use of hair extensions. An insider has revealed, “Christina’s had to wear wigs for a while because she lost so much hair… Obviously it’s important that she hangs on to her glamorous image. No one likes a bald pop star. That long, thick hair – in particular, the black mane she has at the moment – is a wig.” Fortunately for Aguilera, the problem is only temporary and sources say that her hair is already growing back.

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11 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Wearing Wigs To Combat Hair Loss

  1. weebongo says:

    What a hag. Christina got chubby, her skin looks like it’s diseased, she already has wrinkles and now she has to wear wigs like a 70-year old man. She’s only 22 and already falling apart. In another year she’ll be missing her teeth and eating through a straw.

  2. Hotstar says:

    What glamorous image!! Who the hell thinks that bald eagle is glamorous. And everyone already knew she had bald patches I have already seen many many photos of that sh**. I bet anything the extensions didn’t make her hair fall out, she probably got some freaky STD from being a whore.

  3. rangergirl says:

    Christina’s probably has hair that’s already thinning. Then you add hair dye and constant combing and styling and it doesn’t help matters. Many actors, musicians, singers and so on use wigs, extensions etc. to combat this problem.

  4. jimmypee says:

    you haven’t seen pics of her bald patches, because she doesn’t have any. she has thin hair. the pics that are supposedly “bald” are old pics from when her roots were growing in after dyeing her hair. get this through your thick skulls.

  5. BLUEGEMINI7 says:


  6. nicoleXtina says:

    you guys are being so damn immature. Its not nice to make fun of somebody losing their hair. And you guys like to call Christina a bitch, but why don’t you step back and look at yourselves and your comments. You are being the exact things that you say Christina is.

  7. TheAngryPrincess says:

    I’m not her biggest fan but that frickin’ sucks. But, her hair will come back. Maybe now she’ll realize she doesn’t need all them extensions; she can be pretty without them.

  8. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Um, I know for a FACT Britney suffers from the same problems….. When you wear extensions and dye your hair as much as they do, it happens! Since I’ve been dying my hair, my hair, while not in clumps, falls out a bit at a time!! But, the fact that I take care of it and that I don’t do it all the time helps and keeps it from falling out!! You can’t even tell that it falls out because it’s like I’m shedding….a few strands at a time, but it NEVER happened until I started dying it! Fact is, whenever you do as much to their hair as they do, it’s BOUND to happen!

  9. Dana says:

    Christina still wears wigs even now. She wear them all the time. I think she damaged her hair by dyeing it platinum blonde. She should’ve did like Gwen Stefani wore a platinum blonde wig when she wanted it really light blonde, instead of dyeing her hair that color for real.

  10. chris says:

    for hair loss I use Minoxidil to slow down its effects on my scalp. minoxidil really helps at least for me.

  11. Camila says:

    I deal with hair loss and baldness by using topical anti-androgens and also minoxidil lotion. somehow it helps slow down hair loss.

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