Christina Aguilera: Would-Be ‘American Idol’

Our previous poll asking if who from a list of established pop stars were ‘American Idol’ newcomers would have the best chance of winning the program saw 37% vote for Christina Aguilera, easily beating Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter who came in second at 18.4%. Third was Britney Spears with 10.2%, while received 8.5%.

‘Idol’ Max Age Raised

July 21, 2004 – Two years has been added to the maximum age for ‘American Idol’ competitors, which had been 26. The minimum age however remains the same at 16 even though earlier report suggested it would be raised.

A New Kid And An Idol On ‘Surreal Life 3’

June 28, 2004 – On September 6th, the new season of ‘The Surreal Life’ will air with 6 new cast mates, including ‘American Idol’ finalist Ryan Starr, former New Kids on the Block member Jordan Knight, Public Enemy’s Flava Flav, ‘Full House’ star Dave Coulier, model Brigitte Nielsen and Charo.

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