Christina Aguilera’s Daily Show Transcript

A transcript to Christina Aguilera’s interview with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show has been posted (since removed but watch the interview instead below). The singer talked about her new album ‘Stripped’, her new single ‘Beautiful’, the reports of her hanging out at strip clubs and drinking, and a lengthy discussion about schmootz.

“I’m 21, so in case anybody didn’t know, so I do what any normal 21-year-old would do, so I hang out. We go out and do things,” Aguilera said about reports of her going to a strip club. “But I’ve been resting too. I need to rest my voice for everything. The reason it’s called ‘Stripped’ also is I wrote, I co-produced. It’s all me for the first time. I’m stripping down from all the hype and the gloss and kind of what the last imagery was to be emotionally stripped down, lyrically.”

On the first single ‘Dirrty’, she said, “It’s a party single. Again, it’s misconstrued or whatever. It’s a street term, to me it’s a street term, it’s to be able to go out, have fun and party and not be too prissy about it or whatever.”

On whether she always had vocal chops growing up, Aguilera said, “I was known as the little girl with the big voice. I started when I was 6 or 7 doing this, local block parties, pool parties, little things.”

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