Christina Aguilera’s First Single Is ‘Dirty’ – Not ‘Let’s Get Dirty’

Christina Aguilera’s mother popped on to the message boards earlier today to correct the name of the first single off her upcoming album. Shelly writes, “I was talking to Christina on the phone about the single this morning, and she told me that I got the title wrong. It’s NOT ‘Let’s Get Dirty’. The correct title is simply ‘Dirty.'” Shelly added later, “Christina sounds very, very excited! I don’t blame her. Wait till you hear this whole album. It truly is amazing.” Finally, as to whether X-Tina would be at the VMAs, Shelly commented, “Oh, and no, Christina will not be at the VMA’s. She’ll be in the middle of photo shoots and video shoots and all kinds of things. It’s about to start and she’s really at her busiest right now.”

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