Christina Aguilera’s Mistakes: What’s The Big Deal?

Contributed Anonymously:

I just wanted to say something about somebody that wrote the essay called : Mistake After Mistake.

Mistake #1: If you thought that Dirrty was too raunchy for you, then why did you watch it? Because obviously Christina isn’t the only female artist that has made raunchy music videos. If it’s not your taste, then why not watch a Hillary Duff music video and stop belly aching about a music video that you don’t like so much.

Mistake #2: Okay, Christina likes to change her look from time to time. So what? You need to go back to psychology class. Multiple personality has nothing to do with always changing your hair or look, or about being grumpy or crazy one day and innocent and happy the next. If you are saying that Christina has multiple personalities all because she changes her look, then I guess Cher, Janet, and Madonna has multiple personalities too. Wow, go figure.

Mistake #3: Unless you met Christina face to face, and had been with her for a week or so, then maybe you can talk about her attitude. But since you don’t know Christina’s attitude other than what is said about it in the tabloids, then you have no right to justify anything about it.

Mistake #4: There’s nothing wrong if she just wants to change her look sometimes. Celebrities do it all the time. You would probably be bashing her if she kept the same look all the time too. So get over it.

And as for her jazz album that’s going to come out, just because you just listen to pop and obviously know nothing about jazz or that it’s still alive out there, doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is bowing down to pop music and only pop music. If you haven’t listened to the album, then shut up about it. It’s just stupid to diss an album that you never even heard. And it’s pathetic. So give it a rest about Christina’s mistakes. It doesn’t make her a bad person. Many celebrities have made mistakes, and always will, but for the most part the mistakes you mentioned are just your opinion. It’s not a fact, or a major fault. You just brought up those things to act like they’re so relevant to her flaws, when they aren’t.

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