Christina Aguilera’s Mom Explains No Grammy News On Official Site

Fans on Christina Aguilera’s official site message board were given an explanation by Shelly Kearns as to why the official site still hadn’t posted news that Christina will be performing ‘Lady Marmalade’ with Pink, Mya, and Lil’ Kim (plus a special guest likely to be Patti LaBelle) at February 27th’s Grammy Awards. Christina’s mom explained, “I just have a second and wanted to address some of the responses to this post. There’s something that you guys need to take into consideration. We play by the rules. That means that a LOT of times, we will not post announcements when other official sites might, when tons of other fansites do, etc. This is because we ARE NOT ALLOWED to. It violates contract rules, which is what other artists are doing if they post too early. We are just as anxious to post things as you are to hear them, but rather than set up petitions and rally against Al, for example, please realize what I’d stated earlier, that there are things on this end that none of you have any idea about. We aren’t ‘behind’, we’re just following the rules. This happens quite a bit, that we aren’t allowed to announce things before certain officials, etc., give the ok. Remember, we aren’t a fan site. Plus, we’re an official site, meaning we have a ton of rules to deal with that fan sites don’t have at all–and we are among those who actually follow the these rules that are placed in our path, rather than ignore them.”

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