Christina Aguilera’s Next Album: A Financial Disaster Waiting To Happen

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First of all, I am no fan of Britney Spears, but a FORMER fan of . I am sorry to say, but Christina Aguilera’s next album will be a critical and financial flop, and I have good reason to back my argument. Many Christina Aguilera fans in her once very active forums are beginning to understand that the Christina Aguilera that they ( and I ) fell in love with will never come back, instead she has been taken over by this desire to attempt to look like Marilyn Monroe, a look that she is not even close to being able to pull off, and singing average songs. With Stripped, she captivated millions of people with her edgy style, her fantastic music and that beautiful voice. Now the only thing remaining is the voice. She is no longer unique anymore. She was once a great soul/rnb/pop singer with a diverse sense of style, but she has now been reduced to singing mediocre 70’s cover songs. Go to her once active forums, like Livedaily. She used to draw in over 200+ people everyday, now she only draws in around 30+ people.

I am afraid to say, but Christina is becoming a-little bit boring. She is starting to look like a pensioner which is turning away millions of fans. With the Stripped era, she was a young, fresh, intelligent and independent woman, and a better role model than any of her rivals. But now she looks like she is trying to become a role model to the over 60’s. With Stripped, she drew in more media attention than the tabloid queen herself Britney Spears, even when Britney pulled all the stunts she could, like making sure to be seen drunk at some club, sleeping with Fred Durst and making out with Colin Farrell, Britney couldnt even compete. Now Britney Spears wearing a brown wig gets more attention than Christina’s own engagement.

People are waiting to see which one of these two lady’s will outlast each other. Britney or Christina. Well, thought I do still have some feelings towards Christina, my money is on Britney. Sure, her Greatest Hits album may not be doing too well , but what you people seem to be forgetting is that Greatest Hits albums are not an indication of an artists popularity. Studio albums are. There are alot of die hard Britney fans who did not buy this album simply because they have all her albums, which sounds rational to me. In The Zone has sold approximately 7 million world wide. I do not expect Christina’s Spanish or English album to sell even close to that. I feel that Christina is just too far behind to catch up with Britney in terms of hit singles, sales and public interest.

During the Stripped era Christina was way more popular than Britney. On the web site, in 2002 a poll was constructed to see who the public thought would last longer, Christina Aguilera won with 71% of the votes, leaving Britney trailing behind, now the table have turned:
Christina Aguilera vs. Britney Spears

Christina Aguilera reportedly rebuffed Britney Spears saying she is not a “proper” artist and that she lip syncs.

Who do you think will have the longer and more successful music career?

Christina Aguilera 23866 24%
Britney Spears 74493 76%

I could go on about the obvious flop of Carwash and Tilt Your Head Back, but all I am just going to get is the obvious poor excuse ‘Those are not her songs’. Well, the reason why DreamWorks wanted Christina to sing the song was so that the song would become a huge hit, to give the movie publicity, like she did with Lady Marmalade, but Sharks Tale ended up getting more publicity than the song and its singer. Compare this with Lady Marmalade when the song was almost bigger than the movie. Christina has lost it. I am sorry but it just pains me to admit it.

Christina Aguilera has gone from being superior in comparison to all her female counterpart, to being less than mediocre.

I do not like Britney Spears, but I would admit, she has made memorable pop songs like Baby One More Time, Oops I did it Again and Toxic, though not to my liking but still in the publics mind. Christina has yet to make a memorable pop song. I mean REALLY memorable. To me, Beautiful and Dirrty are memorable, but to the public, this is another story, because public polls suggest otherwise. My point is If Christina want to make her mark in music, she needs to come back with something original, strong, and that relates to her fans and that will finally get her songs remembered and I fear that she will not achieve this with her new sound. Britney already has songs that will be remembered, that is what I think many of you need to keep in mind.

She took one big step from being a cookie cutter pop star like Britney Spears, who has been around for 7 years and is STILL and always have been a cookie cutter pop singer, to being a great soul vocalist, now she is taking 20 huge steps backwards in terms of her career, making the bad choices, trying to sing pop music again, but her fans know her as a RnB singer, not someone who sings Britney-esque songs.

I think that Christina is trying to be like Madonna too much, but the only thing is, Madonna knew exactly what she was doing, Christina is just following Madonna’s era’s. Instead of trying to be the One and Only Christina, she is trying to be the next Madonna. Open your eyes. Your should be remembered for being you, not for trying to be somebody else.

I could also talk about the failure of the Stripped DVD, which shows that Christina’s fan base are not as loyal as Britney Spears fan base, whose DVD is selling like hot cakes, but then again I think this has too do with age, because Britney fans tend to be very young, so they will buy anything, but this is still not a good sign for Christina.

So to conclude my case, Christina’s unique style has gone, and so has most of her fans, she is now seeing everything she does failing. What about her new fragrance. This fragrance is not being released in the whole of Europe, but in EASTERN EUROPE which doesn’t really say much about her selling power.

Christina had a message, for women to stay strong and to express themselves, no matter what anyone thought, that is why she was so successful, but what message is she sending with Carwash or Tilt Your Head Back?

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One thought on “Christina Aguilera’s Next Album: A Financial Disaster Waiting To Happen

  1. domon says:

    I appreciate your opinion. Analysis based on polling and fan base. To be honest, I can say, most Aguilera fans prefer Stripped than B2B. Stripped’s all material was provided with so-called pop culture today. The album contains pop, R & B, hip-hop, rock, blues and a touch of jazz. These songs are more enjoyable for real pop music fans. I admit Stripped as the musical maturity of Aguilera at point of time. Stripped has bridged Aguilera career to the next level. If then Aguilera changed to a more serious in the music, in my opinion, not wrong. I beg to differ if you compare her to Madonna. It’s not right if you said she’s trying to be Madonna. Yes, Madonna is one of her inspirations, but public is monitoring her career. How could she copied Madonna in front of public? Absurd. She knew perfectly well the risk of making B2B. The first time we heard this album plans we assume this album will only be like cover versions. But once released, it’s proven wrong. Precisely in this album, Aguilera has made a breakthrough by doing what other music artists have never done at the time, even to this day. Change is not always fun for some people. But change is not a bad thing. Aguilera is a true artist. She knew what she was thinking, made and given to the music lovers. She’s not the kind of artists who seek safe to play with popular music producer. She explores the other side of music that has not been touched by most people. She’s an innovator. If the changes she did not respond well by some people, no big deal. Clear through album B2B, Aguilera has received recognition and respect from the music industry at large. Old people who were not looked at Aguilera, is now turned into love. Once again, the change is not always pleasant. But change is not a bad thing. I prefer Aguilera’s albums failed in the market but have high quality than a commercial pop album that sold millions of copies but not quality.

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