Christina Aguilera’s Recent Lame Actions

It’s been quite a while since did a wise thing about her career. When she released Stripped, I thought she would finally break free from Britney’s shadow. Singles and videos were released & the market sales became very good & most of the public appreciated it. Her name could be seen on news stands anywhere. Her tour with Justin Timberlake became very successful. At that point, Christina finally became an independent & a much more charismatic singer & performer.

But recently, after the release of “The Voice Within”, Aguilera suddenly vanished from the scene. That was the time when the stupid & pretty lame moves were made by Aguilera. First, dying her hair (again) with I think caramel and curling it short. That was the most hookerish hair-style I have ever seen. Her reason for that was she adores Marilyn Monroe so much. I’m like; you can adore anyone in this world but just make sure that if you would like to copy that person’s look, you will look good on it. Let’s cite “Tilt ya Head Back” for an example. She looked like a wh_r_ in that video!!! The second one was when her music became influenced by the 20s and 30s era, everything she did flopped e.g. Stripped: Live in UK, Tour w/ Chingy, Car Wash & Tilt ya Head Back. Right now, I can assure everyone of you that no matter where on earth Christina goes for inspiration for her next album, it’ll be a major flop.

I admit that I am an Aguilera fan but after what she did to her career, my level of adoration for her is rapidly decreasing. She has a great voice and she is just wasting her talent. I just hope her career path will change now for the better.

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