Christina Aguilera’s Right To Hate

Contributed by babet:

We all know has been trash talking about artists like Britney Spears, Pink, Kelly Osbourne, Beyonce and so on. But haven’t we all? I know for a fact that almost every member on this site has bashed an artist that they don’t like because of a rivalry. We all know who the candidates are so there’s no need to explain it…..again. If you think about it, we’re a lot like Christina than we’re willing to admit. We’ve all had our trash-talking moments.

is a human being just like we all are. So is Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and every other celebrity out there. Sure they smoke, get drunk, and have a few scandalous affairs on the side, but then we’re so quick to defend them and their human right to do as they please. But if someone LIKE Christina Aguilera steps into the picture with a few controversial opinions about her peers, we’re so quick to take all those rights away. What happened to freedom of speech? Everytime someone tells you to shut up you milk the right of free speech for all its worth….(with a few profanities inbetween)…but never the less we’ve all said “Its OUR opinion if you don’t agree than don’t read it and f**k off!!”. I know I have and I know I’ve read a million versions of them.

Its only natural that you would insult the artist that dissed your idol. Hell I do it all the time. But instead of referring to the specific insult, people tend to bring up every single bad issue relating to the artist and use it against them. Maybe thats how all this hype in Christina’s bashing of other artists got so out of hand. It’s not Christina thats making a big deal of it, its her fans and her haters that repeat it over and over and over again.

You probably would say that Christina has a bigger platform and that she should watch what she’s saying. But its not like everyone reads these interviews…..just like not everyone reads the comments on this website.

So if you’re going to bash Christina for trash talking, just remember that you’re doing it too…..(more so in fact). Every artist out there should be allowed to say what’s on their mind just like we are.

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