Christina Applegate’s Pussycat Dolls Dance Enrages J.Lo reports angrily stormed out of a surprise lunchtime meeting with fiance Ben Affleck because she felt sure she’d wandered into a clinch between her man and his new Christina Applegate. Affleck was rehearsing a scene for new movie ‘Surviving Christmas’ with the former ‘Married… With Children’ star when he started chatting to her about her role in celebrity burlesque revue The Pussycat Dolls. But just as Applegate was giving Ben a taste of her sexy dance act, Lopez walked in on the couple, and promptly marched off. Set sources claim Affleck ran after his wife-to-be and managed to calm her down before the couple disappeared to spend some quality time together in the actor’s trailer.

Is Jenny Still From The Block?

February 21, 2003 – Contributed by Monarc_2002: Jennifer Lopez, the girl from the Bronx! The actress turned singer turned designer has been in the eye of the media for many reasons, her talent is enormous and yet she is totally a great person, but when you really analyze her background you will be shocked to see that J-Lo the celebrity has lost touch with her Latin roots. Growing up poor, and growing in the Bronx Suburbs this Hip Hop Princess seems to be ashamed of her Latin background.

She was when she debuted with Selena, gradually she turned to Jennifer then it was J-Lo, then Jenny from the block and now she is Jen. She went from Bronx Latina to married princess with Ojani Noa, Boriqua with Mark Anthony, Hip Hop Goddess with Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs, super dancer with Cris Judd, and now she is super hip hop and there is nothing more than a celebrity that collaborates with nothing but rappers for every song, not that there is something wrong with that! However where is the girl that did Selena and did the Spanish interviews, that used her Spanish in songs, where’s the Puerto Rican Jennifer that once existed? She now also incorporates her personal life in her projects, take Jenny from the Block from This is me, she incorporated Ben Afleck in the project.

I asked myself why? Was this because she really loves him? Is she using him like her other past romances? Is this to promote her album and projects so they can appeal with Ben fans? Is she scared that Jennifer Lopez won’t exist without always having something else to fall on? I think the people deserve to know the truth? Give me your opinions!

This Is Just The Beginning Of Music & Fashion Fuse

February 20, 2003 – With many music acts getting into the clothing business, including Jennifer Lopez, Tina Cassidy of the Boston Globe wonders if the trend will ever end. “This is not ‘Where does it end?’ This is the beginning,” says Denise Seegal, president and CEO of Sweetface Fashion Company, which owns J.Lo and Lopez’s fragrance line. “Fashion is cyclical. And fashion trends come from music, movies, streetwear, and art. So the mixture of all this is just taking hold. A celebrity like Jennifer Lopez really embodies all of that.”

J.Lo Puts Petal To The Metal For Party

February 20, 2003 – Cindy Adams wrote cryptically in the New York Post on Wednesday, “Jennifer Lopez subsidized a nice little party. Ritz Carlton. Price no object. Like she ordered 300 roses. The stems were then lopped off. The heads were then plucked. The petals were then strewn about. I don’t know what Jenny from The Bronx might have done, but this sure as hell beats burgers-to-go from White Castle.”

Ben And Jen Attend His Grandmother’s Funeral

February 18, 2003 – The Washington Post reports Ben Affleck attended his grandmother’s funeral over the weekend, with fiance Jennifer Lopez at his side. Following the 35-minute service near Boston, the couple quietly dashed off.

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