Christina Argue-Lera

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This post will not touch on Janet Jackson’s boobies, (no pun intended) and neither will it get anywhere near Justin Timberlake’s. But rather, it will talk about Christina Aguilera’s biggest asset, and no, not her newly enlarged assets. I guess girls still get growth spurt when they are 40, just have to release the genie in the bottle.

But…we will talk about Miss Christina “Argue” lera’s jarring irregularities in her statements, music and views. She shouldn’t have nice things to say about Britney Spears or Beyoncé Knowles, since Spears’s trip to the kitchen or Beyoncé clipping her nails would generate more media interest than Aguilera kissing on stage. Yes.. it did happen!

Recently, Aguilera appeared in MTV proclaiming her innocence of the “supposed” feud that Blender created between her and Spears, but later in the statement, her being so media savvy, offered Spears advice to be more media savvy. But isn’t this the same Aguilera who publicly said that she was the dumbass for being “lied to” by Blender? Wow, once again, Aguilera was having one of her blonde moments.

Aguilera has been known to champion female causes from day one. I mean, isn’t it her who said, “I will iron your clothes if you iron out the injustices.” Yes, it’s Miss Aguilera. Then, she turned again and took a hit at Jackson’s apparent trouble. Hmmm.. hmmm.. here it goes again.. “I am like can’t hold us down.. but like I am more like valley girl meets sorority row.”

Sorry to you fans who think that singing the same note for 15 minutes constitute talent. Speaking incoherently constitutes opininated and singing self-righteous songs constitute inspirational.

Aguilera can sing as many ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’ or ‘A Voice Within’ or ‘Beautiful’ as she wants, but at the end of the day, it is her ‘Genie In The Bottle’ that is actually her most honest self.

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