Christina Milian Comments On Britney & Kevin Engagement

Christina Milian

In Touch magazine spoke with Christina Milian who commented on Britney Spears’ engagement to Kevin Federline. “I think it’s funny,” Milian said. “They’re young. I hope she’s happy. I know Kevin, he used to be my dancer. He’s a really nice guy who loves his baby. A lot of people don’t know him, they just know him from pictures and stuff about Britney. I hope the best for them.”

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9 thoughts on “Christina Milian Comments On Britney & Kevin Engagement

  1. JLOVER101 says:

    I love Christina Milian, she’s like a breath of fresh air. Not the song “Dip it Low” but the rest of the album is so different from everything else that’s out. The only person with a similarly eclectic style is Kelis.

  2. FashionPrincess says:

    Also Christina Milian is true to herself and makes good music.

  3. jimmypee says:

    Everyone else thinks its funny as well. quit it with the “they’re young” crap. No young people I know are out proposing to new guys every six months like that freak. Always someone excusing that whore. no wonder she’s turned out so self-obsessed and delusional.

  4. InDistantTime44 says:

    Christina rocks. She seems really sweet and stuff. She never seems to put her foot in her mouth like most artists out there.

  5. popmaster167 says:

    That’s cool. But I somehow think he loves Britney more seen as he walked out on his kids to be be with her, but whatever.

  6. WaneInTheZone says:

    Yes, Christina Milian kicks ass. Glad she’s finally finding success in the US, I made sure to pick up her new album.

  7. blatina says:

    I like Millian but she hasn’t found success in the US yet. Her single is a flop and so is her album. Neither the single or the album are doing good.

  8. justcam says:


  9. FashionPrincess says:

    Britney is famous for being pretty she is young and she is popular.Get over it!Nobody cares about that stupid couple of fools who will do anything for publicity.Even talk about Britney.Even sue people.You are lashing out!Get over it already!Britney will always be richer and better in every way than those people.

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