Christina Milian Was Mistaken By Jennifer Lopez As Tea Girl

The Sun spoke with Christina Milian about her experience writing the hit ‘Play’, and that J.Lo had mistaken her for the tea lady when they first met. “At the studio she said hello to everyone but me,” she Explained. “She thought I was there just to make drinks!” Milian, who shares a manager with Britney Spears, also explained the importance of her ability to write songs. “Britney looks great but she doesn’t write her own songs,” she said. “I do and it matters to me.”

Jennifer Lopez’s Last Few Weeks Have Been Stressful

June 14, 2002 – The Sun has a photo of Jennifer on the set of ‘Uptown Girl’, the first photo of Lopez since her split with Cris Judd. Lopez appears upset as she left her trailer on the set and a worker on the film confided, “Jennifer has been arriving for scenes early in the morning and not leaving until after 7pm. The days are tiring and, with all the speculation about why she and Cris broke up, the last few weeks must have been very stressful.” Check out the picture here.

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2 thoughts on “Christina Milian Was Mistaken By Jennifer Lopez As Tea Girl

  1. kassie says:

    I wish people would see this women for who she really is. A phony. With no creative talent at all. She depends on others to create for her. puffy better watch out. She might need you to write her another hit like Ja Rule did. I hope Chris Judd takes everything from her. Her career is a fluke. She is all about herself

  2. YourMom says:

    Everybody’s missing the point. Britney may have “had a hand” in writing some tracks on this CD, but this is her third! It’s about time! Christina writes on ALL her tracks and writes for other artists. And not that a lot of people know this, but Christina and Britney are really good friends! So, this could happen. Christina’s huge in Europe right now and will have a new single out here soon!

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