Christina Perri Gets Mistaken For Katy Perry

Christina Perri

talked with FOX All Access about her favorite fan interaction story, which involved a couple intoxicated people mistaking her for Katy Perry after watching her entire live set and posing with her for a photo. “I was just giggling because I’m like, these people are gonna wake up tomorrow having bought my EP and look and it’s like, ‘We can’t believe you’re here.’ I was just laughing because I didn’t perform any of my big hits if I’m Katy Perry. It just cracked me up.” Audio of the comments at has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Christina Perri Gets Mistaken For Katy Perry

  1. silmi says:

    hahaha…. i think you are a sister from Katy Perry :p

  2. theri says:

    I don’t think that katy perry and christina perri are sister’s because katy perry’s surname ends with a y, and christina perri’s surname ends with an i.

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