Christina Saves Britney From Hillary / Lindsay Invasion

Contributed anonymously:

It’s the new generation coming through there younger, getting more and more press day by day and who am I talking about in particular Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan. They sing pop, they where skimpy clothing, they act and there pretty…what does that leave for 90’s pop princess’s and Britney Spears?

and Britney spears both dress provocatively in there videos, do striping scenes, sing, and sometimes doing acting bits and are both pretty. If Hillary and Lindsay Lohan are younger/fresher and do the same thing then why would you want to focus as much on “old news then? And it shows news has it that Colin Farrell and Lindsay Lohan have hooked up together recently – didn’t Britney and Colin have a little thing there for a while? Must be that Colin likes it younger now.

OOP’S girls (Britney and Christina) time is up, maybe its time to put the GENIE back into the BOTTLE?

Maybe they should both settle and be happy with what they have achieved and should leave it too the next generation now?

So pop music is all about POPularity right? Then with Christina and Britney both being 23 now there time certainly shouldn’t be up, they need to keep there name still in lights because personally I don’t think they will be remembered as the powerhouses they where if they get over taken now.

SO how do you keep the interest in you? You evolve and change and give your audience new things – a different beat or style or melody or ranging vocals…..simply put you try and grow your audience’s horizons with you. If Britney and Christina continue with bubblegum pop and stripping then of course their margins and sales will drop because they show no difference and are not new like Hillary and Lindsay.

So at this point I think Britney should be thankful that Christina and her were in the Mickey Mouse club together and both came from the same generation of pop singers because of this both there names will be featured together in newspapers, magazines and television news pieces at some time or another forever.

Why do I think Christina is saving Britney from invasion and should be thankful? Christina has evolved into a new artist and has changed a lot of the pop world’s vision not only on her bubble gum pop but to her R n B, soul and ballads that come from her heart not from her paid writer’s pen…. And thank god she did, she still kills it with pure pop but can turn around and sing all the other genre’s like a superstar as well.

Boys and girls Christina’s has not saved 90’s pop princess’s (Britney) totally yet but she is laying the ground work to open up music buyers minds to a DIFFERENCE a CHANGE and is EVOLVING peoples tastes in all different directions but still some how in each of her songs keeping a little bit of pop.

Britney has not changed her style and may not ever have the ability to do it (yes she has evolved somewhat but not in the area of music style, no) so there for offers no difference between her to Lindsay and Hillary.
So who’s saving who?

is keeping the focus on her generation and sadly she is left to do it ALONE…

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