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Contributed by zipster:

It’s official, the site once called “” is now closed. Owner Kerbear states, “I have supported Christina with a website for 3 years now. I started the site because I talked to Shelly a few times and thought she was incredibly sweet.” She later adds, “There doesn’t seem to be a point to run the site any longer after being accused by her own mother of lying.”

Christina Central owner, Christinablue has formed a petition against the official site. She claims that Al Gomes (Owner of has been using pictures and other media taken from fansites and being posted on the official site without any credit given whatsoever.

Kerbear ends one of his posts saying, “What has really upset me is that MarmaladesMan is only 13 years old and was insulted greatly by Al, by calling him a liar. Now because Shelly has been misled, he felt the need to apologize when he did nothing wrong. For that, I can no longer continue to run a site for Christina.”

Note: This news was emailed to me: “I would just like to let you know that Kerry, the webmaster of .to, has not officially closed her site. Rumor has it that she will be bringing it back in January, and that it’s only a temporary closure.”

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