Christina’s Mother In Fury Over Webmaster Criticism

Shelly Kearns came on to the LiveDaily message boards to both squash rumors that RCA had dumped the singer and slam those that have been critical of the official site’s webmaster, Al Gomez. Shelly said Friday, “You all need to give Al a break,” adding “Al had the Xmas page up on time. Yep. Totally on time. It was the server, MusicVision. The traffic was so high that half the people could see it and half couldn’t. That’s it. Not Al’s fault, as well as a ton of other things that you all don’t know about from this end. Like for example dozens of photos being sent to us by people saying they are from their own sites and not wanting their names credited. Then we post them as asked and find out other webmasters are ticked off because they say Al stole ‘their’ photos.”

Kearns later fumed, “Some of you guys, I think, enjoy being brutal” calling the whole petition movement “childish and exhausting.” Shelly concluded saying, “Al is a good, honest guy who works very hard and is the scapegoat in this nasty mess. And its a shame.”

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