Christina Aguilera Flops Again

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For a while now Christina Aguilera fans have been proclaiming that Britney is over and that Christina will be here for 15 years. Well, looks like they are sadly mistaken. Once again Christina manages to flop. I am talking about her new DVD. Lets just look at the chart run:

Week 1: #3
Week2: #10
Week3: Off the chart

Compare this to the ‘ In The Zone’ DVD which stayed in the top ten for weeks and went 1x platinum.

Well Christina could just add this to her list of current flops. Carwash has failed to top the chart in any country in the whole wide world, unlike Britney, whose smash hit single ‘My Prerogative’ is #1 in 7 South American countries, #1 in Ireland, it went #1 in:

26, 2004: Debuted – #2
October 3, 2004 – #4
October 10. 2004 – #1

October 3, 2004: Debuted – #3
October 10. 2004 – #1

October 3, 2004: Debuted – #7
October 10. 2004 – #1

26, 2004: Debuted – #8
October 3, 2004 – #1
October 10. 2004 – #1

Before anyone else says ‘Oh, they are only minor countries’, here’s something that you will be interested in, in the UK singles chart Britney’s ‘My Prerogative’ ( which has sold 40k so far) is outselling ‘Carwash’ by 2:1. Ouch. That must hurt, especially since Christina is getting more airplay and doing more promotion. Oh, and ‘My Prerogative’ is set to go to #1 in Australia.

The ‘Stripped’ era might have appealed to people, but it looks like Christina’s career is in trouble with her new disastrous attempt to look like ‘Marilyn Monroe’, in which she ends up looking like a drunken drag queen trying to seduce Boy George , is scaring away fans. Lets just look at her list of failures which have all occurred back to back. Remember the summer tour? Why was it cancelled again? Oh, and what about her shameful attempt at getting a huge hit by collaborating with a rapper. That really went down a treat, in hell. But I know how desperate you Christina fans are,” At least it debuted on the Billboard hot 100″. Sad. Even though it debuted on the Billboard hot 100 those songs were still flops, oh, and at least Britney has managed to go #1 in 12 countries, and many more to come. So it looks like Christina Aguilera is back to were she started, actually, no, she is even further behind now, because now she is in Jessica Simpson’s shadow. Christina Aguilera has lost her crown as being poor mans Britney, she is now poor mans Jessica Simpson.

Not only is Britney experiencing success singles wise, but her new Fragrance has become the #1 selling fragrance in the USA. Looks like Britney has more selling power than Christina. Lets just look at ‘Skechers’. Since Christina Aguilera has been endorsing ‘Skechers’ product, the sales have gone down according to

Shares of Skechers, which hired pop singer Christina Aguilera as its pitchwoman, fell $2.57 to $10.85 on the New York Stock Exchange, where they were the top percentage loser. It was also their biggest one-day percentage decrease since July.

While Britney could just walk about in a T shirt and the sales of the shirt would just increase.

Oh, and just a little note, Christina says she is trying to emulate Marylin Monroe her album wouls have a 20’s and 30’s theme, but didn’t Marylin become famous in the 1950’s and not 20’s and 30’s?

The summer tour flopped, her two singles flopped, despite collaborating with one of the hottest rappers in the world, her DVD flopped, and next will be her album. Mark my words.

Christina is approaching her third album and she has not reached Britney level of success yet. Even ‘Baby One More Time’ has outsold everysingle album Christina has every released in her whoe career put together:

Soundscan: Christina Aguilera
First album: 12 million
Second album: 8 million
Total album sales: 20 million

Soundscan: Christina Aguilera

First album: 24 million
Second album 20 million
Third album: 12 million
Fourth album: 7.5 million
Total album sales: 63.5 million

Christinas third album is on the way, and with this I highly doubt this third album is going to push her total album sales to 25 million, let alone 63.5 million.

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