Christy Helps Out On Britney Spears’ 4th Album

Contributed by britney4ever: reports more news on the new Britney Spears’s album. Christy, a former pop singer herself, likened the album to Madonna’s Ray of Light, which is fitting since Spears has met with William Orbit, who produced that album, he said “Lyrically, it’s a little deeper, just a little more grown up, but not trying to change the world or anything” Christy said “the great thing about Britney is she really knows what she wants. She knows if she’s trying something on that doesn’t fit right for her. She’s like, ‘No, that’s not me.’ She’s not one to strap on some sort of fake image.” Christy is particularly excited about a track called ‘Shadow.’ “She just kills it” the British producer said. “It’s amazing. I was really impressed with her vocal ability on it.” You can see the full interview here.

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