Christy Lane Hopes To End Up With Nick Carter ‘For Good’

While 33-year-old Christy Lane was denying any romantic ties to Backstreet Boys star at first, she’s apparently opened up to Star magazine. “At least Nick is going out with a real woman, not a little girl,” the divorced mother with a 7-year-old daughter argued in regards to their 10 year age difference. Lane added, “I love him, and I’m hoping we’ll end up together for good. I may be 10 years older than him, but I’m young at heart. We’re very similar. We joke a lot. He loves kids.” Asked if she minds that Carter appears to have gained 50 pounds from his Backstreet days, the slim Lane insisted, “Not at all. I just love him.”

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10 thoughts on “Christy Lane Hopes To End Up With Nick Carter ‘For Good’

  1. Stallion says:

    Sound like Gato got some seriously competition to win over his one true love. Good luck Gato. Someday you will win over Nick Carter Gato.

  2. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Does she not realize that she’s probably one of about 10 gals he’s seeing right now? I’m sorry, I love the Boy to death, but he’s a mack daddy, and he has YET to have a serious girlfriend since he dated Mandy. Tiffany was about as serious as it has gotten. He isn’t a man whore, and he keeps these flings out of the spotlight, but he does date a few different gals….. IF they ARE dating, I’m sure it’s not TOO serious!!! I think this article is bull though.

  3. Stallion says:

    ^don’t give up hope dumbass4backstreet Gato haven’t given up hope on being with Nick Carter so you shouldn’t to you never know. If the Backstreet Boys can get a Grammy nomination than anything is possible.

    Sorry to any BSB fans I have upset I know I promise that I would stop bashing BSB but I couldn’t help it on this article. I promise you won’t hear me bash them for a long time. The next time I post a comment on a BSB article it will be something positive.

  4. popnicklover says:

    Oh, this is so fake! Dream on, Christy Lane! *rolls eyes*

  5. brownsuga says:

    Good on ya stallion! I’m no longer a BSB basher either, I’m now a fan of NSYNC and BSB and I love both Carter and Timberlake

  6. ChelGurl17 says:

    Alright, so you know maybe this is true, Nick did say he likes older women but then I don’t know. It always seems like these tabloids have comments from the alleged girlfriends but never get ANY comments from the celebrity. If they are dating, that’s kind of gross and she doesn’t seem to nice with her comments , so hopefully Nick is seeing something more than we are.

  7. babet says:

    this is so weird….. all the BSB bashers are going all goody goody with BSB. its like you guys had a change of heart or something……… that’s cool. too bad I’m not like that :P I still think BSB are a bunch of twerps. LOL

  8. elgato says:

    uhm, none of them talked to Star Magazine. Nick talked to NE about his mom and dad. But Nick never talks about his relationships. Christy didn’t even like NE taking her picture. so Star, way to be creative!

  9. Maria says:

    I honestly think this has gotta be a joke. I’m sorry, but Christy Lane, a 33 year old woman who has a daughter dating a 23 year old guy, well I think it’s kinda a waste for Nick. He should search around for a girl first.

    I honestly don’t know much about their relationshp here, but as far as I see, I think Nick just fell for her because of her looks, kinda like love at first sight. Not to sound mean or anything or that Nick’s shallow I really don’t wanna offend anyone. I’m just saying that it doesn’t seem that they can be really together.

    I mean when Christy Lane said she was young at heart, and I believe she could be, but she already has a familiy, and I don’t think Nick is ready for that. That’s a lot of commitment and I believe that Nick isn’t ready to give up his Backstreet Days.

  10. anonymus says:

    You have to see that she is older? Feelings may
    come from anywhere, I do believe that there was a
    relationship between them except that Nick was not ready
    for anything more serious, that’s all. Keep in mind
    that he was only 23 years and she is a woman
    performed, other needs to the best of
    have now given the relationship if they had been together
    because Nick is already more mature and experienced. If you can
    a woman fall in love with an older man that is not the
    backwards? And the clearest example of what has Nick in his own
    band with Brian and Leighanne.

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