Ciara Gives Britney Spears A Run For Her Money

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It seems that for a long time was considered such a great performer and energetic dancer. But all that is over now. The girl whose name is on everyone’s lips is Ciara. With her Crunk ‘n’ B sound and crazy dance moves people are starting to say Britney Who? In our generation Britney was the one everyone excluding me thought could dance, but Ciara is showing people what real dancing is. It’s not about looking like some machine trying to remember orders that its programmers (choreographers) taught it.

Ciara isn’t all about booty dancing, she can break dance, pop n lock, and of course shake it like no ones business. Then there are the songs, its 2004 and Britney’s going back in time to remake a pretty much dated song. Who ever had the bright idea to turn “My Prerogative” a straight late 80’s early 90’s R&B song into a dance/techno song in 2004 is completely psycho. Britney fans know that’s not a good remake and they know the reason it doesn’t sound like anything she’s done before is because it’s not her style and not made for a country white girl to try and sing.

Then there’s Ciara she’s doing something that no other female singer had done before. She’s taking a straight hip hop beat and singing over it, making it hype. She’s singing to the beat of something you would expect a rapper to be. Plus she has to carry herself over a ridiculously hard bass line.

So to all Britney fans whose main reason why Brit lip synchs is because she’s dancing, take a look at Ciara perform live. She’s dancing, doing splits, doing the matrix back bend and…singing live. All the while looking more of a seasoned performer than Britney.

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One thought on “Ciara Gives Britney Spears A Run For Her Money

  1. tori says:

    i agree with you greatly she is a very talented women ciara

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