City Girls Discuss ‘OMG’ Debut

New female foursome gave ITN the latest on their debut single ‘OMG’ and their own experiences when it comes to dodgy text messages. Sheena Rowe, Sian Charlesworth, Sophie Leniston and Rebecca Doran said they actually like each other, since it’s frequently not the case with girl groups and they didn’t know each other before they were manufactured.

Talking about the story behind ‘OMG’, Sheena said, “Basically it’s about when you’re talking about someone and you’re on MySpace, girl or guy, but in our case a guy, and we’re like yeah, he’s got a lot in common with me, blah blah. Then okay, this guy is getting a bit too serious and stalker style. It’s a bit tongue in cheek as well.”

Do the girls like each other? “We actually do,” Sophie said. “We’re so lucky. I am coming from Dublin over to here and I was thinking, ‘We’re moving to a house together for five weeks, and I’m on the plane thinking, ‘I don’t even know these girls. What if I hate them? What if they hate me?’ We had Chinese the first night and talked about everything.”

Watch the segment via YouTube below.

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