City Girls’ Sheena Checks In Following Bolton After Dark Gig

Sheena of City Girls updated fans on the British electropop’s blog at MySpace on Saturday (October 18). Sheena writes:

Sheena’s world has been quite enjoyable so far this week.
Bolton After Dark was a gig I wont forget!! I loved it!!! We performed twice there once in the new market place right outside bank one of my favorite shops and then onto the square right in the middle. It was a grea turn out, we walked over and saw performing and here’s me jumping around like a lunatic waving, dancing and singing their song which is a smasher. Thank god they waved back eh!! We had a few interviews with Bolton news and Key 103 radio station. Alot of what I said was a blur because I was suffering from flu and a stomach bug!! But I still tried to do my ultimate best on stage and I forgot about it as soon as I got on stage!

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