CJ Baran ‘BOOMerang’

Former Push Play member CJ Baran is out with a new song called ‘BOOMerang’, which he wrote, recorded and produced in his home studio. “The track was inspired by the old school disco and funk of the late 70’s,” Baran says.

Audio at YouTube has since been removed.

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5 thoughts on “CJ Baran ‘BOOMerang’

  1. Catharine says:

    This song is amazing <3

  2. Tami Clifton says:

    Amazing song!! Better watch out for this guy! Talented and I have a feeling whatever else he does will be equally great!! Very fan friendly!! Thanks for posting this!! Check out cjbaran.com. He has more free downloads there!! NC loves CJ!!

  3. May says:

    PURE talent!!! This guy is gonna be HUGE

  4. Yaz says:

    I love CJ! he’s talented and an amazing person. I really wish him the best. <3

  5. Eva says:

    He never disappoints! His music just keeps getting better and better. Check out all his music at cjbaran.com and take advantage of his free downloads. He’s a keeper!

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