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CJ Baran of Push checked in with fans on the pop rock group’s blog at MySpace (@pushplayrox) on Tuesday (February 9), the fourth of the four members to give a farewell speech as they head to college and put the band on ice, perhaps permanently. CJ writes:

Fans. You have been our rock. Your dedication, your excitement, your persistence, has helped to keep us inspired these past 4 years. From our very first show at the Crazy Donkey on Long Island performing for 20 people to our last experience for now coming next Saturday at Nassau Coliseum(with over 20,000 people to be in attendance) we have come full circle! We’re back home now, each of us pursuing personal goals outside the box of Push Play to become better people, educated people, skilled people, wise people. And we feel now is the right time for this while we are still young and eager to learn and even more eager to put what we learn to work. I have been working diligently on writing and producing songs and learning everything there is to know about recording and producing and then putting that to practice and I hope to one day show you some of the songs either through other artists singing them or me singing them.

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