Claire & H Submitted Steps Resignation Papers

News of the World’s Rav Singh reports members Lee Evans, Lisa Scott-Lee, and Faye Tozer received resignation papers from Claire Richards and Ian “H” Watkins at the final date of their tour in Manchester on December 22, leaving Fay to say, “I’m numb and I feel betrayed.” Lee admits, “To say we were shocked is an understatement. There we were, about to go on stage, then Claire says she’s going to leave the band. Then within minutes, H tells us he’s going too, and gives us his letters. It was all very sudden.”

Steps Fans In Fury Over BBC Portrayal

December 30, 2001 – Following reports by BBC listing messages from fans stating how upset they were after the band announced their breakup, fans have now focused on BBC for taking their comments and putting them in a story. One of the posters who’s comments were in the BBC story (stepsfan70) blasted, “I’m angry cos they put on their site what I had wrote but didn’t include all the times I said sorry.”

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