Clarkson Says ‘From Justin To Kelly’ Not An Idol Film spoke with ‘American Idol’ champ Kelly Clarkson about the movie she’s doing with runner-up Justin Guarini, ‘From Justin To Kelly’, a love story that Clarkson describes as “Grease on the beach.” First, “It’s not an American Idol film,” said Clarkson. “It has nothing to do with ‘American Idol’. The only thing that does is that [our] names are in the title, and our characters in the movie are named that, but my character is nothing like me… And it’s not about us trying to make it in the business or anything.”

Timeless Duet By ‘Idol’ Winners Kelly & Justin

February 20, 2003 – Contributed by dum_BLONDE: Wednesday on American Idol, last year’s winner, Kelly Clarkson and runner up, Justin Guarini made a surprise appearance live via satellite. They mentioned a few brief details about their upcoming movie, “From Justin To Kelly”, and premiered a small clip from the movie featuring a duet between the two called ‘Timeless’.

Justin Guarini Can’t Resist An Audience

February 16, 2003 – Knight Ridder reports Justin has been making cameos at Studio, an unglitzy karaoke club in South Beach. Studio owner Louis Rosenthal said Guarini promises to be back this weekend. “He’s been a regular here since before American Idol, when he was working around South Beach clubs,” Rosenthal said. “He’s a great kid. And the show hasn’t changed him one bit. Well, his hair is curlier and longer.”

Kelly And Justin To Wed In $1 Million Fox Financed Bash

February 7, 2003 – Star magazine reports ‘American Idol’ winner Kelly Clarkson and runner-up Justin Guarini are set to be married in a shock $1 million ‘Gone with the Wind’ style bash. “It’s incredible, but Justin and Kelly are planning to get married,” says an insider. “Since the end of Idol on TV, they’ve spent so much time together that they’ve fallen in love.” The fairy tale romance is making Fox television execs happy, as the pair are currently filming the big screen film ‘From Justin to Kelly: The Rise of Two American Idols.’ “This romance is a dream come true for the Fox producers,” says another source, who says the studio might foot the pricey bill if the pair “agree to have it filmed for a two hour TV special!”

Justin Guarini And Kelly Clarkson Deny Romance

February 5, 2003 – Billy Bush of Access Hollywood grilled American Idol stars Justin and Kelly over reports they are or were romantically linked. Both denied the charge. In addition, Kelly Clarkson addressed rumors that she is pregnant saying, “I’m not, but I do have six kids. No wait, I don’t. (laughs)”

‘From Justin To Kelly’: The Movie

January 20, 2003 – Entertainment Tonight caught up with Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson on the set of their new flick ‘From Justin to Kelly: The Rise of Two American Idols.’ Asked if there was any real-life sparks between the two, Justin replied, “People just refuse to believe that we are friends!”

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