‘Classy’ Lindsay Lohan Fielding Major Label Offers

Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina tells The New York Post she’s currently hunting an agent “sort of like the Endeavor Agency of the music business, because Lindsay is about to sign with a major music label. I have four proposals. Sony, BMG, Universal and Warners. She’ll do albums. She’s rock/hip-hop/dance, sort of a cross between Gwen Stefani and a Britney Spears-type. But no going naked onstage. Think Beyonce, who’s stayed classy.”

Lohan’s Kind Words For Duff

World Entertainment News Network reports Lindsay Lohan can’t understand why her nemesis Hilary Duff is still fueling their feud. She said, “Maybe she has a problem with me, but I don’t think she should. She doesn’t need that. Her career is going great.”

Lindsay And Aaron Rekindle Romance?

A source tells The New York Post that Aaron Carter, who cheated on Lindsay Lohan with Hilary Duff, has been calling the ‘Mean Girls’ star again and they’ve tentatively rekindled their romance. Still, that hasn’t stopped Aaron from working his charm on the new Miss Teen USA Tami Farrell at a photo shoot.

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5 thoughts on “‘Classy’ Lindsay Lohan Fielding Major Label Offers

  1. Keepitgeneric says:

    Well this was inevitable, as capitalism and these “multi-talented” artists will always show you. And no, if those vanity fair pictures prove anything, it’s that she won’t stay “classy” for long. I sure can’t wait for yet another overproduced album by a young female singer with no vocal talent. Don’t try to kid me into believing that she has any, either, because if she did, then that’s what she would have been doing initially, not now, as her popularity increases.

  2. maryfingsunshine says:

    Thank you! There’s nothing classy about swimming around in a giant champagne glass full of Mr. Bubbles in not much more than your bra and panties!

  3. Kizzardkid says:

    Its good that Lindsay can actually sing and dance, I think she’s more a cross of Christina Aguilera and um… well I don’t know. But I’ve been waiting for her to start an album. She might be one of the good actress/singers we have left out there.

  4. bumthrob_Kay says:

    hey kizzard! I sooo agree wit u! Lindsay is more like a cross..or clone of Christina Aguilera..coz theyre both awesome! not like Britney and Hilary duff!!! theyre icky and gay! orlando bloom and chad michael murray doesn’t wanna spend their friggin time to make both their panties drop! its pointless!

  5. Malynda says:

    I have to disagree with you. Just because Lindsay wanted to be different for once and wear a bikini in Vanity Fair doesn’t mean she will turn into someone who does that constantly. She’s not a Britney nor a Christina so she probably will stay “classy”. As for the singing part…her talent has no reflection as to what she “should have been doing initially”. Back then, acting was what she was aiming for and still is, but now she wants to try something new…singing. Just because she decided to do that now doesn’t mean she has no talent because she didn’t do it before. That’s all my opinion, and don’t take this the wrong way. See ya!

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