Clay Aiken Battles Gay Rumors

Star magazine reports that despite the constant rumors that he’s gay, ‘American Idol’ finalist Clay Aiken insists otherwise. An insider says, “Finally, after weeks of wondering, a couple of the girls on the show decided to confront him and ask point-blank: ‘Are you gay, or what?’ Clay didn’t hesitate. He insisted that he is straight.” Aiken’s comments didn’t seem to convince the girls, as the insider added, “I’ve overheard things like: ‘Everyone thinks he’s gay anyway, so why doesn’t he just admit it?'” Either way, it doesn’t seem to have effected his popularity. “Gay or straight, Clay is definitely going to make it to the top three,” concludes the insider.

Carmen Heats It Up With Gay Straight Clay?

April 22, 2003 – Carmen Rasmusen suggested in last night’s ‘American Idol Special Edition’ that there may be a romance between herself and fellow finalist Clay Aiken. “I’m going to let America think what they want,” Carmen coyly said after host Ryan Seacrest suggested the pair might be developing feelings for one another.

Carmen Rasmusen Dating ‘Gay Clay’?

April 10, 2003 – Despite being given the nickname of ‘Gay Clay’ by many fans, ‘American Idol’ finalist and Howdy Doody look-alike Clay Aiken was spotted holding hands with Carmen during their performance last night, later kissing when it was learned Carmen wasn’t in the bottom three, and came off as more than friends. Tactical or the real deal?

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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Battles Gay Rumors

  1. smoochie says:

    Is he gay or not! someone needs to find out!

  2. Heather says:

    I Think He Should Be Gay Because He Is Butt Ugly Anyway!!!!! I Mean Come On What Kind Of American Idol Makes One Album Then Act Like He Disappeared Off The Face Of The Earth!?!?!?!?!? I Mean He Didn’t Even Have A Good Voice To Win In The First Place!!!!! All I’m Saying Is He Sucks And If I Found Out He Died In A Tragic Accident I Would Laugh Hysterically!!!!! You Know What I Would Also Think Was Funny????? Is If He Was In A Helicopter Making Out With Brittany Spears And The Helicopter Crashed And They Both Crashed In Each Other’s Arms!!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!! TTFN!!!!!

  3. deborah walker says:

    Clay is gay? So sorry to hear that. I will NEVER play or listen to him again.

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