Clay Aiken Debuts At No. 1 On Billboard Album Chart

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Second season ‘American Idol’ runner-up owns the top position on The Billboard 200 this week with his debut album, ‘Measure of a Man.’ In its first week, the RCA set sold 613,000 copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan. Among its tracks, ‘Measure’ features a former No. 1 single in ‘This Is the Night,’ which spent two weeks atop Billboard’s Hot 100 in June.

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Debuts At No. 1 On Billboard Album Chart

  1. MistySl says:

    No, NO, Clay and Mariah in the TOP 40… Ms. Aiken is Number 1. For now. When the reviews sink in and people realize that her Clayness is a puppet, who doesn’t write songs or have a say so, he’ll tumble down the charts. Mariah, good for you a little promoted Remix Collection is number 26, Sony is still pimpin’ you after all this time. You will never be free from Tommy. A bunch of s hit on those charts this week, all the drama, and intrigue. I love it.

    Footnote to Kelly Clarkson: Ms. Aiken outsold you sweetie, How disgusting you fake Mariah

  2. clayfan says:

    Yes, YES MistySl. Get a frickin’ LIFE!

  3. WaneInTheZone says:

    It looks like the Gay community and every trailer park across the country really came through for their American Idol Aiken. His favorite way to measure a man is with his mouth probably.

  4. weebongo says:

    Is Mariah’s Remix album now the biggest bomb of her career. She really does deserve the title Queen of Flops.

  5. MistySl says:

    Let’s recount, shall we: Madonna’s Flops 1. Love don’t live here anymore: Video/Single Flop 2. Don’t Cry for Me Argentina: Single Flop] 3. Drown World: Single Flop 4. Nothing Really Matters: Video/Single Flop 5. Hollywood: Single/Video Flop 6. American Life: Single/Video Flop 7. American Life: CD Flop 8. Dear Jessie: Single/Video Flop 9. Nothing Fails: Single Flop 10. Oh Father: Single Flop. Madonna hands down is a flop for the last 7 years. Mariah is tired. But that ho cranks out the hits. Charmed whatever was so-so Princess of Flop: Jessica Simpson

  6. MariahsMan says:

    Not a big fan of Clay…but he’s definitely got a voice. I’m ready to see Ruben’s first-day sales. Does anyone know anything about his album?

    According to some of these people, Mariah Carey hasn’t had a hit in her entire career. Obviously her sales aren’t like they used to be, but to call her the “queen of flops” proves they have no knowledge of her career.

  7. MistySl says:

    He has the best of the R&B production teams on hand. word has it that his Cd has been pushed back to January. Speaking of? Where is Tamyra Grey’s CD, can we all say a MESS together.

  8. fratguynj82 says:

    Though I am a big Clay fan because I think his voice is incredible, I have come to the realization that his large sale are only due to the show not his talent. Clay is very talented but would have never sold that many if not on the show. Also, Mariah’s remixes I don’t consider a flop. It did reach 26 with no publicity. Mariah is by far the best female singer ever and no one could deny that because she has the career that shows it. No one will ever be around as long as her and still put up the numbers that she does. Clay will be lucky that with his second album goes to number 26.

  9. weebongo says:

    Mariah is the Biggest FLOP QUEEN EVER. Her last four albums where all HUGE Flops. I would name all her Flop singles but I don’t know what the hell any of them are called. You seem to know a ton about Madonna. Missy admit it you must be such a huge Madonna fan to know about all those singles. I don’t even know what half those songs are. Closet Madonna Fan. Why don’t you go suck Madonna’s bleep.

  10. popnicklover says:

    Go Clay! And to all those who hate him cause you think he’s gay…well, then you are all obviously sick freaks with no lives who judge people purely on their sexuality! Which, by the way, is WRONG. But whatever floats your no-lives boats!

  11. weebongo says:

    The Flop Queen’s Remix album didn’t even make it into the top 20. How horrible, by next week she won’t even be in the top 50. This has got to be her worst first week sales ever. It just keeps getting worse and worse for The Flop Queen. Her sales are so bad it’s not even funny anymore, it’s just really pathetic.

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