Clay Aiken Didn’t Attend Father’s Funeral

Contributed by ballersfantasy: The Associated Press reports funeral services were held Monday for Vernon Grissom, the biological father of ‘American Idol’ runner-up Clay Aiken. The 68-year-old died Friday in Louisburg, North Carolina. Aiken, set to be in Long Island, New York’s Nassau Coliseum with touring partner this Thursday, had been estranged from his father for many years and wasn’t in attendance for the funeral.

Clay Aiken Speaks With Fox News Channel

March 2, 2004 – Clay teams up with Kelly on tour and teamed up with the Fox News Channel to discuss the tour plans, his participation in Read Across America, his non-glamorous life, his position as a role model, and his feelings on broadcast decency moves in wake of the Janet Jackson Super Bowl breast flash. has since removed the video.

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Didn’t Attend Father’s Funeral

  1. kellybsblover says:

    Why should he go? just because a man is your biological father doesn’t automatically mean he has to earn your respect. According to various interviews with clay, clay was quoted as saying that his father was racist and abused his mother.

  2. WaneInTheZone says:

    Clay don’t have resentment towards your father, He’s only partly responsible for you turning out to be ugly. I bet Christina Aguilera will react the same way when her father dies, Ungrateful bastard children.

  3. milasmine says:

    You know what, I am not a big Clay fan, but I think he and his fans on this site are nice people, unlike you. Tell me who you like, so I can go and bash them…Oh sorry, I’m too nice to do that!!

    Hey Clayfan, if you did not get back to the story we last post at, I just wanted to say again, you have great taste in music…And though I am not yet a huge fan of Clay’s I do think he is a great singer too (as well as being a nice guy)

  4. clayfan says:

    Good luck on your exams…get a nice hot Starbucks latte, and soon it will be over!!’, ‘GOOD LUCK TO YOU. I know you’ll do well. You deserve something special, maybe you should treat yourself to a massage, or a drive in the country, or something else that is relaxing. I am rooting for you!

  5. Jive says:

    I know Clay has his reasons, but I still think that he should’ve went to his father’s funeral. I mean, he may not love him, but he still is his father, and it would give him some kind of closure.

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