Clay Aiken Fan Club Forum Shut Down Over Sexuality Snit

The following message has been posted at ’s official fan club, “Due to reports of extensive unrest and disrespect amongst members that has been carrying on for several weeks, the Official Fan Club Message Board will be shut down until further notice. Please note that should tensions continue on other areas of the fan club, severe consequences may occur. If you try to log in to the board you should see a message reading, ‘Sorry, the board is unavailable at the moment. We will be back soon…’ We appreciate your understanding in this matter.” An insider tells the New York Post that the conflict is over “the batty members that are still clinging to their heterosexual fantasies of him and others that don’t harbor such illusions.” Read more.

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Fan Club Forum Shut Down Over Sexuality Snit

  1. natalie burgess says:

    he rocks the world. hes got a wonderful voice he’s the best male singer. And I love is voice is name is Clay Aiken. he makes me feel good.

  2. natalie burgess says:

    Clay Aiken is a good singer I support him. you rock Clay Aiken.

  3. carmen says:

    Clay is really impressive even though he is a gay. We totally support him from his fans at

  4. Betty says:

    We still love you Clay, what’s sex got to do with it.
    You are a good guy and I will forever support you.

  5. Tiffany Floyd says:

    Ok, now I have found a sight that will let me leave a comment with out being a member. Just to let you all know, if you have a face book, Clay isn’t really your friend on there. Someone is posing to be him. If you want to be friends with a poser then he said to feel free, but is sure that you all have higher standards. Be a loyal fan, and get this wacko back. I know I am going to, and this crazy person will wish he never angered Clay. That is for your FYI.
    Here is the link if you don’t think I am telling you the truth about this. Read his newest blog. Here it the link.
    Thank you
    Tiffany Floyd

  6. Tiffany Floyd says:

    Now that I said that, I can make a real comment.
    Clay, you are my hero in music, and in life. I haven’t sang in 4 years because of my dad, and you got me to sing once more with your music. IOU something, so I will try to get to where I can meet you and sing to you in person. That is the best thing I can do. Clay, thank you for making me stronger.
    I look up to you.
    Tiffany Floyd

  7. rockeesta999 says:

    Many Clay Aiken fans love him because of his talent to be a great singer in American Idol. To see information about Clay Aiken see

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