Clay Aiken Lookin’ For Love Online Again? claims to have evidence showing ‘American Idol’ season two runner-up Clay Aiken trolling the internet in search of the company of another man in the Durham, North Carolina area.

Clay Aiken ‘A Thousand Days’ Live Video

Clay Aiken 'A Thousand Days' live

January 25, 2007 – Clay is out with a live video to his new single ‘A Thousand Days’, from the album ‘A Thousand Different Ways’. Watch it via YouTube below.

Clay Aiken Snubs Singing Competition Winner

December 29, 2006 – TMZ reports Clay’s diva-like behavior has got Joshua Willard, who won a North Carolina singing competition to perform with the ‘American Idol’ season two runner-up upset. Aiken is being accused of booting the 15-year-old boy off of a concert line-up simply because he wasn’t festive enough when choosing to sing Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’ with the Greensboro Symphony during Clay’s Holiday concert on Saturday. Read more.

Clay Vs. Kelly Vs. Rosie

December 27, 2006 – Our previous poll asking how you felt about the Clay Aiken vs. Kelly Ripa vs. Rosie O’Donnell feud saw 41.9% respond that Rosie is way too paranoid about homophobia, while 38.1% said the story was so overblown. Well back of those responses were Kelly is a hypocrite at 13.8% and Clay used too much force with his hand at 6.2%.

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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Lookin’ For Love Online Again?

  1. christal says:

    That’s not evidence LOL….that’s a photoshopped picture from when he did his house tour on WRAL TV. Perez is just desperate for hits to his lame blog. What celebrity in their right mind would troll the internet for sex?? It would be career suicide. I give Clay more credit than that idiot Perez.

  2. Mimi4Lyfe says:

    I do not like Perez at all, but the pics of Clay were very real. Clay come out the closet already.

  3. christal says:

    Get real, they are only pictures. Is he having sex with someone in them? NO Anyone can post pictures and say whatever they want. Anything goes on the internet…even smear campaigns.

    He’s not in a closet. If the media would look for the truth and not sensationalism they would have found many responses he made to his sexuality: Rolling Stone Magazine interview “One thing I’ve found of people in the public eye,” Aiken says, “either you’re a womanizer or you’ve got to be gay. Since I’m neither one of those, people are completely concerned about me. They’re like, ‘What are you then?’ I’m sure it has to do with being raised by women. I wouldn’t want somebody gawking at my mom and grabbing her butt and catcalling at her, trying to hook up with her at a bar. I’m not saying I’m not going to look. Hello! But you know what I mean?”

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