Clay Aiken On Scotty McCreery’s ‘Idol’ Journey

spoke with WRAL about how ‘American Idol’ contestant and fellow Raleigh, North Carolina area native Scotty McCreery is in the same position he was eight years ago. “He’s very different than me, isn’t he?” Aiken joked. “If he makes it to finale, even if I don’t watch, I’ll call in.” The singer added that local support through the competition’s final week was “a large part of why I made it as far as I did.” Watch the interview at

Ryan Seacrest Dons A Casey Abrams Beard

April 25, 2011 – After Casey Abrams performed on ‘American Idol’ Songs of the 21st Century night, host Ryan Seacrest surprised everyone by wearing Casey’s beard. Watch behind the scenes footage showing how it went down to Ryan’s surprise below.

Weighty ‘American Idol’ Audience Member Controversy

April 16, 2011 – ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ joked about the ‘American Idol’ audience member controversy, with an overweight 19-year-old woman claiming she was moved from the front row because she was too fat. “Which is a great idea for a show by the way, ‘Biggest Loser American Idol’,” Kimmel joked before playing a video of Randy Jackson receiving similar treatment. Watch the comedy clip via YouTube below.

‘American Idol’ Summer Tour Expanding

March 31, 2011 – ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ joked about how ‘American Idol’ is expanding the size of their ‘Idols Live’ tour after the show’s tenth season concludes. “Normally they only take the top 10 contestants on their summer tour, but this year they’ve made an exception, they’re taking the top 11,” Kimmel explained. “So they’re really stepping on the gas this season.” Jimmy then played a faux ‘Idol’ commercial promoting an ‘American Idol’ B Team Tour featuring the bottom 246 contestants. The comedy clip at YouTube has since been removed.

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