Clay Aiken Ready To Move Up

Clay Aiken tells The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he swears not to swerve from his nice-guy persona and squeaky-clean material, even if his album ‘Measure of a Man’, which is released today, ends up bombing. “I’m not willing to change directions if that means turning into something that’s hard-core or what I consider trashy,” he said. “If that’s all that’s going to sell, then I guess I’m not going to sell. But I don’t think that’s all that’s going to sell.” But Clay’s chances at success look pretty good, as Geoff Mayfield of Billboard magazine expects the record to have “a big week,” with sales near the 500,000 mark.

Large Framed Photo Of Clay Aiken Stolen From EW

October 13, 2003 – The New York Post reports a fan of Clay got carried away by stealing a large framed photo of the singer the other night at Entertainment Weekly’s party for its annual Photo Issue at the Chelsea Art Museum. EW has issued a plea for the thief to return it to their offices on Broadway, no questions asked.

Clay Aiken Chats With Rick Dees

October 13, 2003 – Clay stopped by the Rick Dees studio to talk about his brand new self titled album, his appearances and what it’s like to be an overnight sensation. Audio and pictures have since been removed at

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Ready To Move Up

  1. scottd710199 says:

    I have to say and I’m almost ashamed to admit this. I bought his CD today and its the album of the year for me. I don’t want to like him because of the whole American Idol thing. But he has one of the best voices I have ever heard. And the weird thing is hand on heart his first single is the worst song on his new CD. Check out a killer song called I WILL CARRY YOU.and Measure of a MAN Truly amazing CD. The Songs the voice are all killer. Way better than the Kelly Clarkson CD and that was pretty good.

  2. clayfan says:

    Congratulations to Clay on an excellent debut album. He’s going to do very well, and all the many major media appearances should prove that there’s a big market for Clay’s talent. Scott, don’t be embarrassed to say you bought the CD. You’re one of many.

  3. weebongo says:

    He might have a powerful voice but his gay hick drawl ruins it.

  4. scottd710199 says:

    Grow up for all our Sakes! What does it matter what he speaks like. People don’t buy his CD to hear him talk. When you can sing like him who cares. Besides after what he has been through in life you should admire him. I don’t suppose your speaking voice is as perfect as you think it is either. Record yourself see how bad you sound

  5. weebongo says:

    I was also referring to how he sings. His accent comes through in his singing voice as well and he sounds atrocious.

  6. scottd710199 says:

    Give me a break. Show me a better singer than him. Listen to his new CD and then come back and say he sounds like a hick. You just have no taste. Fair enough not to like someone but to slag them off for no reason is just uncalled for.

  7. weebongo says:

    I heard the first single and Clay’s dreadful pronunciation of words comes out very strongly in the versus. This might be a good gimmick for a novelty act but not a lasting star. Hearing his awful voice on the first single will make me avoid listening to his album at all cost. Clay has one of the worst and most annoying voices I’ve ever heard. Any pop singers are more listenable and pleasing than Clay. You name them they’re better.

  8. jazzprofounder says:

    Honestly I didn’t like his new album, which I heard today at my friend’s house. It didn’t sound like him, and pretty much I don’t think this album showcased his vocal skills and the songs itself didn’t seem to fit his personality. I don’t think this album was as good as Kelly’s, or as bad as Justin’s, but what I can say is that he took the effort and I’m glad he took this step towards his direction in music.

  9. clayfan says:

    A lot of huge pop stars sing like crap, in my opinion: Britney Spears, 50 Cent, Jennifer Lopez, Thalia, Lil Kim, Alanis Morissette …and they’re all very, very popular. Just because I don’t care for them doesn’t mean they’re not talented or worthy. Clay has an awesome voice according to a lot of people in very important demographic groups. So just DEAL WITH THE FACT that Clay is music’s next BIG, huge star. GO CLAY!

    JazzProfounder has a close friend who is such a huge Clay Aiken fan that the friend purchased Clay’s debut CD on the first day it was available for sale, and JazzProfounder willfully showed up for a listen. Can JazzProfounder continue this friendship with this Claymate?! JazzProfounder seems like the sort of person who would end this friendship rather than let a fan of Clay’s be his/her friend. JazzProfounder, are you man/woman enough to be able to continue this friendship with a CLAY fan?!

  10. jazzprofounder says:

    Okay…honey…i was just making a compliment about how I feel about the album, not about the relationship I have with my friend in general just because she’s a clay fan. Did I say anything in my compliment about hating clay in general? NO. Stop exaggerating on facts you can’t even back up. You don’t know me, you don’t know my friend, you don’t know our friendship. Apparently you are a clay fan, I see that, but just because I didn’t like his album doesn’t mean you have to abominate my character. You answer this question, can YOU be man/ women enough to realize that clay and non-clay fans can get along, same thing for Christina and Britney fans, etc.? C’mon child, music is meant to entertain and inspire, you don’t have to make it into a feud to make up ridiculous points that you can’t even prove. Live and let live.

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