Clay Aiken Tried To Reconcile With Father Before His Death

Globe magazine has more details on ‘American Idol’ runner-up Clay Aiken missing his father’s funeral and spoke with a friend of Vernon Grissom who says despite the singer’s efforts, there was no reconciliation before he died. “Clay tried all his life to forgive his dad and wanted very much for things to be better between them, but Vern never gave him a chance,” the friend revealed. “Clay was afraid of his temper, his anger, and violence, yet still reached out to him. But Vernon remained mean and difficult right up until the end. He broke Clay’s heart. I guess going to the funeral would have been too painful for him.”

Clay Aiken Chats With Detroit’s Mojo In The Morning

March 14, 2004 – Clay was on Mojo in the Morning on 95.5 FM in Detroit. Clay talked about his rabid fans, what he would be doing had he not made it through the ‘Idol’ auditions, how blessed he feels for making it through all the auditions, how he knew Ruben Studdard had won ahead of time, sharing the tour bus with Kelly Clarkson, and more. The interview has since been removed from

Clay Aiken Grants A Wish To Boston Area Child

March 11, 2004 – The Boston Herald reports Clay helped Make A Wish come true for 10-year-old Rockland gal Danielle George backstage at the Centrum, where he and fellow ‘Idol’ Kelly Clarkson performed on Monday (March 8).

Clay Aiken Accepts ‘Geek’ Label

March 10, 2004 – reports Clay confesses that although he’s gone through a major style makeover, he’ll never be as cool as many of his entertainment business peers. “I can’t dance like Justin Timberlake, I can’t dress like Ashton Kutcher, I can’t do that type of thing,” Aiken admitted. “I can’t relate to that. They’re great to watch on TV but they’re not who people relate to. So to me, the term ‘geek’ doesn’t mean that I’m a geek, but I think that it’s just kind of a symbol of realness. The American Dream, I guess, is about normal people being successful.”

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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Tried To Reconcile With Father Before His Death

  1. milasmine says:

    Poor guy. Some people are not meant to have a heart. Hopefully Clay will move on from this and one day become a wonderful father himself, because of this.

  2. Lava33 says:

    I feel bad for Clay, this is something that you never truly get over though. I wonder why his father was the way he was, maybe he had a bad childhood, who knows? but he should have been nicer to Clay. Well, good luck to Clay, I’m sure everything will work out very well for him in his personal life.

  3. milasmine says:

    Hi Lava 33…Reading what you have just posted here makes me believe you have a heart…What I do not get is how you can say nice things about Clay and not like Nick Carter. They are both amazingly nice people (I’ve meet Nick, so I feel I have a better take on him.) I think Justin is too…I feel all three of them are obviously good people…So I do not get it???Go figure…Oh well, to each his own.

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