Clearly, Britney Spears Is The Top Seller

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I am always on this site and wondering why and Christina Aguilera fans argue over sales. May I say, I am not a fan of neither so you can trust me.

I am not going to type up each sale of each album since it would be a total waste of my time. But, I do know that Britney Spears is the top seller of the two. Christina could only dream of selling 14 million on her debut CD.

A lot of you will probably be saying who cares about who sells more, well, obviously you people do since you always argue over them.

Christina fans seem to make up a load of bullsh** about album sales. They make it look like Britney is a flop with her 4th album, but let’s see when Christina gets on her 4th album if she sells 10 mill. They make it look like “Stripped” is outselling “In The Zone” which it might be but why don’t you compare these albums:

Christina’s Debut CD vs. Britney’s Debut CD.
Christina’s 2nd CD (stripped) vs.. Britney’s second CD (oops).

Clearly, no matter how many lies you make Britney definitely sells a lot more.

By: Amy

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